Where you get your mammogram matters
Thu, 11/16/2017 - 10:12

Our doctors, girlfriends, sisters and mothers give us advice on where to go, but what most don’t realize is that there is a difference in where you choose to get your exam. The difference is in who is performing the test and the type of mammograms they offer.

Breast Specialists

At UofL Brown Cancer Center all mammograms are performed by diagnostic radiologists who also specialize in breast imaging and interventions. These physicians have completed training not only in diagnostic radiology, but have completed specialized fellowship training in mammography. Our physicians are researchers and teachers at the UofL School of Medicine and are on the cutting edge of new technology, understand the latest advancements in imagery, and have a passion to bring the very best care to every patient they see. 

Types of Mammograms

There are two types of mammograms: 2D (most common) and 3D, both of which are offered at UofL Brown Cancer Center. 

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT or 3D) mammography creates a clearer picture by taking multiple images in seconds allowing improved cancer detection across all breast densities. 

“The accuracy of 3D mammography has multifaceted benefits,” Dr. Lane Roland, a UofL Brown Cancer Center breast imaging radiologist, explained. “Whether we are telling a patient they don’t have cancer, or sharing more precise images with a surgeon, clearer images have great advantages for our patients and the work we do.”

Digital mammography is now covered by many insurance companies and can be requested when scheduling. To schedule a mammogram at UofL Brown Cancer Center, call 502-562-HOPE (4673).