The Power of Cellular Therapy
Tue, 11/27/2018 - 12:38
Human cells

Robert Emmons, MD, FACP, is an associate professor of Medicine in the division of stem cell transplant at the UofL School of Medicine and a hematologist with UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center. He was recently the medical director for the hematologic malignancy and stem cell transplant program at Ochsner Medical Center where he founded the allogeneic stem cell transplant program. The opportunity to work on cutting edge research in cellular therapy brought him to Louisville, especially the CAR-T program established by Dr. William Tse.  

“William and I share an interest in the future of cellular therapy and transplant and want to see stem cell transplant expand into new areas of direct cellular therapy,” Emmons said. 

Dr. Emmons, who joined the UofL Brown Cancer Center team in early 2018, is responsible for gene-modified CAR-T cells directed against multiple myeloma. “Multiple myeloma is currently incurable with any therapy short of allogeneic stem cell transplant, which is quite toxic and still often fails to control the disease long term. We hope to see the same success for CAR-T therapy in myeloma as has been seen for similar efforts in the different blood cancers, chronic lymphatic leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.”