Palliative Care Clinic

Improving quality of life

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is specialty care which addresses the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of patients dealing with serious illness. The goal is to improve quality of life, emphasizing care of the whole person, including family and loved ones. Palliative care is provided at UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center and UofL Hospital  by a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains and others who work together with a patient’s other health care providers to give individualized care and an extra layer of support. 


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During cancer treatment, patients and their loved ones may face many difficult decisions. The palliative care team can help patients and their families sort through treatment options. We focus on improving communication among patients, their loved ones and members of the health care team.

Working to incorporate a patient’s values and hopes into a treatment plan, we relieve symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety and shortness of breath. Our approach focuses not only on physical symptoms, but also on spiritual and emotional health.

The Palliative Care Clinic can assist with:

  • Managing distressing symptoms
  • Providing spiritual and psychological support to patients and their loved ones through all stages of illness
  • Clarifying treatment options
  • Facilitating communication among patients and those who care for them
  • Establishing advance directives

A palliative care consult is available to anyone who is receiving care at UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Anyone can suggest a palliative care consult, and a patient’s provider writes an order for the service. Patients may also self-refer for palliative care through UofL Brown Cancer Center’s HOPE line: 502-562-HOPE (4673).

For more information about the Palliative Care Clinic at UofL Brown Cancer Center, call 502-562-HOPE (4673).

The Palliative Care Clinic team at UofL Brown Cancer Center includes:

The Palliative Care Clinic is embedded in the multidisciplinary clinics at UofL Brown Cancer Center, and utilizes support staff and social workers from those teams. They work closely with the M. Krista Loyd Resource Center and the Behavioral Oncology team.

If a patient is admitted to UofL Hospital, there is an inpatient palliative care team.