Clinical Trials

UofL Brown Cancer Center has one goal – To End Cancer

This commitment involves conducting clinical trials with the goal of helping patients live longer, healthier lives. Through clinical studies, researchers can better understand how to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases or conditions. Any time you or a loved one needs treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to think about. Through the clinical trials at UofL Brown Cancer Center, doctors find new ways to improve treatments and quality of life for people with cancer.

Patients have access to new treatments, sometimes those that are not available anywhere else. Trials are available for all stages of cancer. It is a myth that clinical trials are only for people who have advanced cancer that is not responding to any other treatment; our clinical trial program features trials for all stages of disease.

Our researchers and physicians design cancer trials to test new ways to treat cancer, find and diagnose cancer, prevent cancer and manage symptoms of cancer and side effects from treatment.

To learn more about the clinical trials at UofL Brown Cancer Center go to or in Louisville, call 502-562-HOPE (4673) or toll free 1-866-530-5516.

Two scientists reading a chart

Types of Cancer Studies:

Observational study: A type of study in which people are observed or certain outcomes are measured. No attempt is made by the researcher to affect the outcome — for example, no treatment is given by the researcher.

Clinical trial (interventional study): During clinical trials, researchers learn if a new test or treatment works and is safe. Treatments studied in clinical trials might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new surgical procedures or devices, or new ways to use existing treatments. Find out more about clinical trials by visiting the National Cancer Institute website:

Medical records research: Medical records research involves the use of information collected from medical records. By studying the medical records of large groups of people over long periods of time, researchers can see how diseases progress and which treatments and surgeries work best. 

To find about more about participating in a Clinical Trial at the UofL Brown Cancer Center call 502-562-HOPE (4673).